Social Media refers to a rapidly increasing collection of online tools (technologies) which allow
people & businesses to connect, network, and grow online communities
who engage and share resources based upon common interests. 

Simply Pawsome is all about working with the you to build an online community, by understanding the values and beliefs of your targeted audience. 

By listening...we review your existing web presence & determine your business objectives.  By Planning...we create a plan of action for you to highlight your strengths.  By Strategizing...we customize to your market, we train you, & we stay connected. 


We can purchase a name, provide hosting, design the site, do plug-ins for facebook & twitter, SEO, analytics & training.


We can design a customized Word Press Blog, setup alerts for content, plug-ins for subscriber links, opt-ins for facebook, twitter, & linkedIn, analytics & training.


We can set-up an account, post tweets, start choosing followings (tribe), opt-ins for facebook & blog postings, analytics & training.


We can set-up an account ,provide a 'pin it' button, develop boards, analytics & training.

You Tube

We can set-up an account, load videos, analytics & training.


We can set-up a personal &/or business page, opt-in facebook, twitter & blog, analytics & training.


We can set-up & design a business page, add apps, postings, import blog, twitter feed, insights (analytics) & training.