Indepth Analysis of Client's Online Presence

  1. Review of your existing web presence (including website, blog, facebook, You Tube, linkedIn, twitter & pinterest).
  2. Explanation of uses/necessity/relativity of website, blog, facebook, You-Tube, linkedIn, twitter & pinterest to you & statistics of use
  3. Client gives a general business assessment of where they are now and where client wants to go
  4. Determine business objectives with each (website, blog, facebook, You Tube, linkedIn, twitter, pinterest).

Plan of Action

  1. Creation of a plan tailored to your objectives, with a 3 month calendar of action.
  2. Each of the social media/web presence profiles will be detailed step-by-step according to the work needed on each.
  3. Client & Simply Pawsome responsibilities will be clearly stated.

Strategy & Tools

  1. Basic training of social medial/web presence profiles, along with any additional web tools that might be necessary.
  2. Weekly emails for keeping connected and monthly assessment for tweaking the direction of the project.
  3. At the end of the three months, assessment is made, and either a completion of the contract or
  4. Extension of involvement